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South Florida Job Prospects ?

Hi allnursesfam!

I'd like to know how are RN jobs down there in Florida?

I am a Canadian RN looking to move. I have my Bachelor's, wrote the NCLEX RN in 2015 and I have a year and a bit of experience in an Oral Surgery Clinic in downtown Toronto (PACU/Recovery) - where I still work at.

My mom moved to Miami a few months ago and I'd like to live close to her. I am bilingual in English and Spanish and I'd have my work permit in three months after moving there. Getting my license shouldn't be a hassle. However, I am worried about not being able to find a job. Here in Ontario they kept talking about nursing shortage when I first started my program and when I graduated last year I was able to find nothing but a clinic job, as most hospitals don't have enough money to hire new RN's and I had no connections to help me in.

I would not like to be disappointed once again hehe I'd prefer to work in any hospital that would offer me continuing education and just more opportunities in general (duh).

Anyhow! so sorry for the long post! I hope you kind people provide me with some useful responses ! :)

Thank you in advance :)

Hey there,

I attended a job faire in Toronto 2 weeks ago which had recruiters from all over the US. The job market in South Florida, or most of Florida for that matter, is NOT good. There were only a handful of employers for Florida. Most of them were for the Orlando area. And as many people say, the pay is NOT good, and the working conditions are supposedly terrible. I am speaking with one of the recruiters from Orlando at this moment, I can let you know what's being offered in PM.

Good luck with your search

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Well OP,

1. Being bilingual is a plus.

2. Remember this is a third world country.

3. The Commander-in-hair lives here.

4. Being Canadian, don't forget to tip.

5. Learn to love college football.

6. But the two really great things about South Florida are the weather

and I forgot the other one.

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