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South Florida East HCA StaRN program


Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had this situation:

I’m a new graduate nurse in Miami and I applied to Kendall Regional, Mercy, and Aventura Medical Center in July (when they reopened the program). On July 20, I received an email that said I was under consideration but due to the high volume there may be a slight delay. In yellow, it said PLEASE NOTE: When viewing your online submission, the following status “Not Under Consideration” may not accurately reflect your current step in our process.“ When I checked my submission it says “Not Under Consideration”, I reached out to the HCA recruiter and they had never heard of this email and could not answer why I had received this email.

Anyone else know something about this?



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Hey! I’m having the same problem here in Orlando and I’ve asked if it has happened to anyone. I read online that someone had applied to multiple HCA new grad programs and that they told her she wasn’t being considered because of that. Under all my HCA new grad applications I also have “Not Under Consideration”. I think it’s so wrong for them to make this type of rule and not put any information on their website or policy. I would recommend to apply elsewhere.