Spartanburg Community College?

  1. Hello! First, I havent started school yet but if everything works out I will take a few classes in the spring and summer, then start the program in the fall of 2018. This is my first post and I wanted to ask what people who attended SCC felt about it, and more importantly, what offers did you get after graduation? Are we allowed to say who offered you what pay? Im just trying to get an idea of what nurses fresh out of school make in my area. I live in Gaffney, the hospital we have here used to be really bad until it was bought out by Mary Black, and now it has improved, but I will always love SRHS (Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System). I've worked there as a newborn photographer and LOVED it! I had both children there, feel safe and at home there, etc. Id just like to know what people's thoughts are on Scc and SRHS vs Mary Black. Thanks!
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  3. by   Ambernicole26
    Hey I am planning to start the nursing program in the fall of 2019. How are the gen ed courses going for you? Have you applied to the program yet?
  4. by   AprilMarie
    I wasn't able to start that semester, so I'm getting everything ready to start this semester. Maybe we will have some classes together in 2019!!! Add me or something so we can compare schedules later!
  5. by   Ambernicole26
    Add me on Facebook! Amber Dye
  6. by   Ambernicole26
    Have you signed up for classes in the fall yet?