Spartanburg Community College Acceptance

  1. Hi! I just applied to Spartanburg Community Colleged ADN program for Fall 2017. I was wondering if anyone knew how long we have to wait until we heard if we've been accepted or not. =)
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  3. by   scdoula
    Hi Nurse17H! I also applied, and from reading the previous threads, I think last year people found out about two weeks after, but I don't know. I am also applying to Greenville Technical College and they said that they release decisions 8 weeks after the application closes. Did you apply anywhere else? Do you mind if I ask how many points you had? I had 46 points. I hope we hear soon!
  4. by   Nurse17H
    Good luck! Awh man, 2 weeks! Such a long wait lol! No I just applied to SCC. I recently graduated with my BS degree and decided I wanted to go back to school. Awh man I definitely don't have 46 point.. I have 35 point =(. I hope we do hear soon! Keep me updated if you find out sooner! =) Good luck!
  5. by   Nurse17H
    @Scdoula not sue if this is how I reply to your comment. Do you know the amount of points we need to get in?
  6. by   scdoula
    Hi @Nurse17H! So it's not exactly that there's a number of points that is accepted or rejected, it's more like there's a certain number of spots and then all the candidates are ranked in a list from highest points to lowest to fill those spots, so the number of points it takes to get in changes every year and depends on the number of openings and all the other candidates. If it's like other programs, the students who were next after the cut-offs would be on a list to take the spots of the accepted students who don't take their spot. From what I read on other boards the scores to get in are usually in the 30s-40s, so we are both kinda on the edge, historically speaking. According to one poster, it was 39 in 2015, but that's the only like for sure number that I have found, but you're super close so I would say you have a pretty good chance! If you do end up right below the cut-off, I'm planning on choosing GTC over SCC if I get into both (I really want to do my RN-BSN at Clemson and they have a pretty good history of moving students right into their program), so that would be one spot that you could move into.
  7. by   scdoula
    Hi Nurse17H. Have you heard from SCC? I got my email yesterday.
  8. by   Nurse17H
    Ahhh! You did! I haven't checked! Did you get it?! @scdoula
  9. by   Nurse17H
    @scdoula I didn't get any email did you get in?!
  10. by   Nurse17H
    @scdoula I didn't get an email =( did you get accepted?!
  11. by   scdoula
    I was accepted. Hold tight, there's a series of dates which people must meet deadlines or else they forfeit their spot, starting March 30. If you are an alternate, you have several opportunities to move into a slot.
  12. by   Nurse17H
    Congrats girl! Hopefully I'll get in! =) Thanks for updating me! You'll be a great nurse!
  13. by   Nurse17H
  14. by   Nurse17H
    @scdoula do you know if anyone else that got accepted? Are they still handing out acceptances? I haven't received a no or a yes yet =(