SC Forum is very inactive?

  1. I was just wondering why this forum doesn't have any activity? It seems like all the other states have people posting all the time, sharing information/job leads, etc. And SC one is so inactive. Does anyone have any insight as to why?
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  3. by   juschillin

    I am from SC and have lived here for decades (yes, ok so I reveal my age) although I lived in New England, specifically, the Boston area, for numerous years and attended undergrad nursing school there. Its the South v. the North and in the South "the war is not over" as is often stated here. I believe it stems from politics and social norms -- the latter I say because nurses are mostly women.

    First of all SC is a "right to work" state which speaks volumes. On the contrary, workers here are told to keep their mouths shut and do their job.

    The nursing workforce is made up of mostly women. Women are not treated the same in the world as men. It's a simple fact. I don't know what the ratio is of men:women CEO's but I tend to believe that most CEO's are not women. Women are taught to look pretty and and be quiet. In the South, this standard just seems to carry on. The Good Ol' Boy network. Have you ever heard the phrase "Good Ol' Girl" network? It doesn't exist. Your boss is ultimately your CEO. You don't speak back to your boss. You'll get fired. It's not lady-like. There are plenty of women activists in and from the South and thank goodness they exist. I am just speaking from experience, as a Southern Woman.

    The nursing profession is brutal -- inwardly, as in lateral violence -- and outwardly, as in our relatively small salaries and the poor working conditions -- compared to the top tier of those running the show. Medical establishments rake in huge sums of money off the backs of it's worker bees. But nurses are reluctant to speak out, because, well, they are female and don't think they can make a difference. .....

    Ok, so I think you get the point. SC is not active on this site because of these things. As you can tell, it's a sore spot with me. I continue to live here because someone has to stay and hold down the fort for the "small dogs".

    Be active, Southern Nurses! Let your voices be heard! Join ANA! Don't just settle for the same old vanilla pound cake.

  4. by   pugluvr
    J.C and Skyegirl
    Thank you so much for your posts, I so greatly appreciate them.. As a yankee at heart, and moving from another state, I never realized the hurdles that I have never been able to overcome.
    Yes it is the north vs the south, and most definately the war is not over ~ in the eyes of some people in the south. Sorry to anyone I offend, but if you are not born and bred here, well you are an outsider. If you dont know someone who is someone, then you get nothing and will have nothing
    South carolina is a lovely, beautiful state with so many wonderful things to do... Nurse friendly ? I tend to disagree.