relocating to the Hilton Head area...many questions!

  1. We are considering relocating to Hilton Head (my MIL lives here) from CO. I had been in the process of being recertified as a CNA, and just started working in an LTC center in CO. I am signed up for prereqs there, this fall, etc... Due to a death in the family, we are thinking of moving our family to the HHI area (probably by the end of the summer, so our own kids can start school-heh-any advice there would be good too-we are considering the Catholic elementary school)

    What are the pay and job availability like here? In CO, I think RN's were getting $28 an hour at our local hospital. LPN's were getting $18ish an hour at the LTC place.

    I'm looking at USC Bluffton campus, and I know there's another tech college in Beaufort. Anyone have advice? We're close to Savannah too-does GA do some kind of trade with SC residents, as far as in state tuition, etc..?

    Any advice would be appreciated! I'm a little nervous about the whole job/school thing. I work at a very very nice LTC place in CO, and the hospital is small, rural, and reasonably quiet. I've heard to expect nightmare work situations in other places...
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  3. by   pawashrn
    If I were making a life change involving my spouse and children, I don't believe I would be asking just anyone. Please do yourself and your children a favor and go the right sources. South Carolina Nursing Ass. and all the hospitals you are considering. We, the people in this forum should not be involved in this type of decision making. Good luck, I hope and your family do well in HHI it is beautiful.
  4. by   maxcat
    lol-I think you misunderstood my question... I'm not asking anyone to help me make a decision on whether or not to move (trust me, nursing is the least of the things we need to consider, with regard to that question). Umm... one of the purposes of this board is to talk to others in a particular region, and get their take on educational and work opportunities in that area, correct?

    I'm not sure why you think I am using this site as my sole source of information...Anyways, I've found, in my current area, that it's helpful to talk to people who are actually *doing* the local nursing programs, who are actually working in the local hospitals... talking to the administrative staff & faculty is good and all, but even the director of our local nursing program put me in touch with several women who were currently enrolled, to help me answer some of my questions.

    Thanks for replying.
  5. by   drgnys30
    I am currently enrolled in the Technical College of the Lowcountry, the 'tech' school you referred to. I have posted info on several other posts so if you can track them down via my ID, it should have a lot of the info you are looking for.

    I will say that the New River campus is about 20 minutes drive from HHI and the Beaufort campus is approximately 30 minutes drive. NR is great for the first year of classes, then the second year it is just easier to go all the way to Beaufort. I highly recommend the program, it takes a lot of dedication, and doing it with little ones is a little harder. They are strict but I think it can be done by anyone if you are dedicated.

    Please contact me with specific questions and Iwill try to answer them all!