PTC students intrduce yourself

  1. Hey! Are there any Piedmont Tech. College nursing students out there???
    Introduce yourselves...
    I'm in my last semester of the ADN program
    Can't wait till December
    I have two kids and a husband. I work weekends as a LPN
    And I love nursing!:redpinkhe
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  3. by   Caffeine_IV
    Congrats making it to the last semester! I just graduated from PTC ADN program in August!
  4. by   moomoo111
    SCLPN, I just graduated from York Tech in Rock Hill with my LPN. I am waiting on authorization to test now. I have two daughters and my fiance is in Abbeville so I will be looking for work in Greenwood. I will be enrolling at PTC to finish my RN. Where did you work on weekends while you were an LPN? I am looking at applying at Self and some of the nursing homes. I wanted to take a break before I get started back up again. Since the schools are a little different, I have to take a few more pre-req's before I can start the RN program. I am in no way in a hurry. I was just curious where the good LPN jobs are and how the pay is. I love long term care and I've been working as a Nurse Tech in med surg in another hospital on the weekends while finised school and I loved it there. I have the option of staying there and working in the med surg dept as a LPN but I want to be closer to my girls and my fiance. And advice would be great. Good luck to you also. Moo Moo
  5. by   sclpn
    Moo Moo
    Congrats on finishing LPN school!! I think the higher paying jobs for LPN's here is in long term care. I work at Martha Franks in Laurens on the weekends. I will finish in Dec.'08 with my RN and I would love to work at Self in LDRP or on med-surge just for the experience. I took a few months off between LPN and going back for my RN. I really think the work experience helped me pull a lot of things together that I had learned in school but didn't have hands on experience with.
    By the way, I think Abbeville has a great little hospital too. I did a lot of clinicals there through LPN school.
  6. by   whtangl23
    Hi. I no this post is kinda old but I go to ptc n I fail my first semester. I think because I don't test well, I don't take very good notes and I don't understand the nclex questions. Do anyone still have their notes or anything from the program that I might b able to use ( Also, I do have an nclex book and well I still don't get it.
    Thanks in advance