Orangeburg Calhoun Technical College aka OC TECH 2015

  1. Hi !!! So I'm wondering why there are no post about OC TECH . Like I have been searching for months for students who will be attending OC TECH or wants to & there is nothing. It's kind of scaring me. Is there something that I don't know about this schools nursing program?
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  3. by   aunja
    I know! I am actually moving from Charleston to Columbia this next week because I will be attending OCTech (ADN program) in August. I was on a waiting list at Trident and Orangeburg accepted me right away so here I go! I have heard it is a good program but it is pretty far out there, so maybe people can't do the commute and that may be the reason it is less heard of. Are you getting excited? Have you bought all your books and finished all your prereq's?
  4. by   tdjohnson
    Hi, Im applying for nursing at Orangeburg for August 2016 can you tell me a little more about it and what was the acceptance criteria
  5. by   deshondaparker
    Did any find out about this school?
  6. by   SimmonsChelsea123
    Hi I wanted to knw how was octech I'm going to apply really soon