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Hi, I am taking the ADN- Rn program, This will be my first Semester and I have been out of school 28 years. Yes, I am very nervous and worried. The school put me in English 101, Psych 201, Bio 101,... Read More

  1. by   CharlieT
    Cole, I forgot to mention, keep your eye out for a meeting called "updates to nursing". You should see it on anoucements on etc. If you don't see anything for a while, just go to the Fulp building fourth floor and start asking everyone in sight when the next "updates" meeting is. It is a very casual meeting where prenursing students can ask all the questions and things will be covered that you had no ideal about.
  2. by   Carolinanurse50
    Charlie T.,

    Updates to Nursing-- Did get that done in July. Thank you. I will look on the TCTC website for the form I need. And, Thanks a bunch for the professor/Instructor look up. I took my jumpstart Math this week. I am weak in Math!!! Looks like I have some catching up to do in Math. My email at the school address is [PM for info]

    Let me know when you get a chance, how your clinicals are going. I know you will be busy, so just when you get a chance. You have helped bunch and I do appreciate the info. Now, If I could just get the nerves to calm down I would be alright.

    I had a great job before this and had the layoff thing happen to me. I felt it was time to make a change. I just did not know how well I would do with school after 28 years. On top of that I disliked High School and I have decided to go back to school.... have I lost my mind. We will see. I do know, if I did go back, I would do something in the medical field.

    Thanks, colesc
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  3. by   CharlieT

    If you are really concerned about the math grade you might consider taking it at GTCC online. You can transfer the credit but it does not affect your TCTC GPA because it is a transfer course. I did that for english101 because english is not my strong suit. Ended up with a B in the class, so it would not have hurt my GPA after all. Just a thought. I will send you an email with the entry form.
  4. by   Carolinanurse50
    Thank you, I am checking that out!!
  5. by   Marcia Loya
    Hi, I read your story and felt like that was me, I to have been out of school 30 years, I can't even get into the pre requitsets until it looks like spring of 2011, I did not relize how difficult this was and I am not actually enrolled in any classes I am on the waiting list. This is at Long Beach City College, Calif. I am not going to give up, just hoping to get in.
  6. by   Carolinanurse50
    Wow, I cannot believe that you have to wait just to get into prereq.'s. Here, there is a slight waiting list for clinicals. I have gotten used to school now and its very demanding. I am taking summer courses right now as we speak-- MIcrobiology and Quantitative Reasoning(Math) last math for now. I have to finish my two A&P's and a nursing course to apply for clinicals. I would have taken my A&P in the summer BUt they are only offered it in 5 week increments and I do not see myself being able to pull off a good grade in that short amount of time. I will take the teas test so I do not have to take two other prereq.s before clinicals. I will not take but one other class with my biology courses... the bio is just too hard and I do not want to be stressing so much over it. I still have at least 2 more semesters but I haven't been in it long so I am doing well.
    If you have any questions please ask us, everyone here is helpful,
  7. by   Carolinanurse50

    I wanted to say, can you start with on line courses there. Maybe check that out and make sure they will transfer from one school to the other. I have taken some of my classes on line and love it. Wish all courses were on line. Some people say they do well with them and some say they prefer to go to class. You just have to be committed and have a quiet place in your home.