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Does anyone know if this is a good program? I'm thinking about applying for it for Fall '08, but I don't know anyone who has gone to the school. I would love to know anything from quality of... Read More

  1. by   Alydl79
    "Beating" 200 people is still scary, but I agree I like it better than "beating" 300 I am worried because I agree that there were probably less applicants because of the requirement change, meaning that if I don't get in this cycle I will be afraid that next cycle there will be 500 applicants, all the "normal" ones and those that could not make this cycle. Such a competitive school! Becky, do you currently live in Charleston or do you have to move there? I used to live there and will be moving back regardless of the school in December.
  2. by   becky3vb
    I currently live in Charleston (actually the very top of Charleston County). I moved here a couple years ago after I got married because my husband has a job here. I love it! Not a huge fan of the flooding when it rains, especially downtown, but it is beautiful and there are tons of things to do.
  3. by   Alydl79
    How bad is the commute from Summerville area? I want to try to find a place in West Ashley to rent but that seems difficult...
  4. by   becky3vb
    The commute to downtown in the morning depends on what time you leave. The drive is between 20-25 minutes at 6am from the Ashley Phosphate area. There is minimal traffic at that time though. If you leave around 7am from the Summerville area, I hear it takes around 45 minutes because of heavy traffic (if there aren't any accidents...). I haven't ever had to drive that stretch of I-26 at that time though. You would also have to take into account the shuttle time from the Hagood parking lot if you don't get on-campus parking. That may be up to another 10 minutes. I hear it is difficult to find a parking space at Hagood after 7:30am as well.

    West Ashley, James Island, and Mt. Pleasant areas are popular places to live if you work downtown. The prices of rent can vary drastically and with different amenities. We considered moving to West Ashley or Mt. P., but decided to stay where we are now because the commute is about the same time for my husband and I, and our jobs are in geographically opposite directions.

    There are always students trying to find roommates which would obviously help financially...
  5. by   Annaiya
    I commuted from Summerville my first semester and it made it a lot harder. You have to leave by about 6:15 am every day, regardless of when class starts, because of parking and traffic. Also, if you have a 3 hour break in between class it's too far to go home. In theory, it's great to just stay and school and do homework, but sometimes you just wanna go home and crash for a few hours. I was much happier living in West Ashley and paying for a parking space.
  6. by   live4rachael
    I commuted from Summerville all 4 semesters and now continue to commute from here for work at MUSC. As a student though I paid for a parking space and now I just park in Hagood.
    For 8 am classes I was able to leave at 6:45 and make it in time.
    For 7 am for work now, I have to leave at 6 am (and that includes the Hagood shuttle).
    If there is an accident on I-26, Dorchester Rd was an alternate route I frequently used.
  7. by   Sbhughes1
    Hi everyone!

    I am anxious to hear back for MUSC ABSN Spring 2011 as well! I work at MUSC so I pass by the nursing school everyday and wonder when we are going to hear! I guess they have already met if it was supposed to be on October 4th. Hopefully we will hear back before November. Good luck to everyone and let's keep each other posted .
  8. by   Tiger95
    I just called the Admissions office and they have completed reviewing all applications. Unfortunately I was not accepted, but it's ok. I'm already in the Nursing program at Trident and thought I would try MUSC. Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   Sbhughes1
    Thanks so much Tiger95 for the update. So they told you when you called? Don't know if I should call or wait for a letter or email. Trident has a great nursing program and I have talked with quite a few people who love it-good luck with school!
  10. by   Tiger95
    The lady that answered the phone acted surprised by the call but I was told that it was ok. I would say to maybe wait another day or so but definitely call. Thanks! I am excited about nursing school!!
  11. by   becky3vb
    Tiger95, I'm sorry you didn't get in. I was REALLY hoping to have you as a future classmate, but I wish you the best at Trident. I know several people who go there who enjoy the nursing program and tell me great things about it. You will be a great nurse no matter where you go!!
  12. by   HeatherZ99
    I'm so sorry to hear that Tiger95. Did they say why you didn't get in?
  13. by   Alydl79
    Sorry to hear that Tiger, best of luck at trident. Hey, the goal in the end is to become a nurse and either path can get you there

    So, they can tell you over the phone? Hmmm....I may need to make a call in the AM. Knowing that I could know that soon kinda makes me throw up in my mouth a little..LOL. But yeah, I am really nervous.