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I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning... Read More

  1. by   jnlaw
    Has anyone received an accepatance or rejection letter yet from MUSC?
  2. by   babygyrl9706
    I haven't received anything, hope someone hears good news.
  3. by   shakes320
    Best of luck to everyone...I know the worst part was the wait. I got rejected the first time That comes in a small envelope, while the acceptance package comes in a large file type envelope...Good luck!!
  4. by   ml52789
    Shakes- what were your stats if you dont mind sharing? Gpa, prior experience, volunteer?
  5. by   jnlaw
    Good Morning,

    I'm not sure if anyone has received their accepatance/rejection letters yet but I called yesterday and she indicated that they were mailed out Tuesday, March 19th. I havent received anything yet but good luck to everyone!
  6. by   shakes320

    My cumulative GPA is a 4.0, prereq GPA is a 4.0, and science GPA is a 4.0. I have an AAS in Laboratory Sciences with a concentration in physiological and bio chemistry. For those of you who are freaking out about the GPA; I got rejected the first time around because of a lack of volunteer experience. I spoke to an admissions specialist who informed me that they review applicants based on a point system: 10 points for the essay, 10 for the references, 10 or 20 for the GPAs and 10 for volunteer experience. She also went over my app on the phone to steer me toward my weaker areas (volunteer experience). So dont assume the worst if your GPA isnt perfect; mine was and I still didnt make it. It seems that volunteer experience is a fairly important component. Good luck!!
  7. by   ml52789
    Shakes- thanks for the info!

    Sounds like ill probably get the thin envelope since I have no volunteer experience.
    Where did you volunteer at?
    I have a 3.79 cumulative and 4.0 science/3.9 pre rec with a BS in biology and minor in psychology. Hopefully we receive those letters today .. I'm local so I'm assuming today will be doomsday haha.
    Good luck to everyone else!
  8. by   Belle83
    I GOT IN!!!!!!! My dad just read it to me over the phone!
  9. by   babygyrl9706
    Congrats Belle83, at least one of us made it, I know I didn't get in because you guys stats are wonderful, but I'm happy for you.
  10. by   ml52789
    Congrats belle!!! How exciting!!
  11. by   babygyrl9706
    Hi guys, found out I wasn't accepted, but I'm happy I'll be starting Trident's program in Fall. It was nice communicating with you all, and good luck in all of your endeavors.
  12. by   wall0509
    Well now I'm a little aggravated because I'm local and got nothing in the mail today!
  13. by   jnlaw
    @ Belle83 Congrats! I haven't received anything yet but good luck to you that have and to those of you that are still waiting.