MUSC ABSN Fall 2013 - page 4

I recently applied for priority admission to the Fall 2013 Accelerated Nursing Program at MUSC. I started this thread to makej contact with anyone else that may have applied priority or is planning... Read More

  1. by   babygyrl9706
    @jnlaw Thanks
  2. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello everyone, the countdown now begins! I'm so nervous knowing that they have nearly 400 applicants with great credentials. However, good luck to all of you guys, you all are competitive applicants with a diverse background, because I've seen postings where applicants with a 2.97 gpa got accepted due to a unique background and experience in healthcare.
  3. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello everyone, I've just submitted my merit placement for Trident Tech's nursing program today in case I'm not accepted into MUSC. Applications will be opened until noon on Friday, and good luck.
  4. by   ml52789
    Are we thinking we'll find out by next week?
  5. by   babygyrl9706
    @ml52789 Hopefully, but I think it will be most likely the week after, because it would be considered mid March.
  6. by   jnlaw
    @ babygyl9706 I submitted my merit placement for Trident as well. Do you know when they are suppose to let us know? I wonder how many people applied.
  7. by   jnlaw
    @ babygyrl9706 what semester did you apply to for the merit placement? I applied to start this Fall 2013 instead of Spring 2014
  8. by   babygyrl9706
    @jnlaw I submitted my merit placement for Fall 2013. I believe they notify us about three weeks afterwards, which should be around the end of this month through email. I don't know how many applicants applied, but good luck!
  9. by   babygyrl9706
    I also what everyone to know that I've emailed the lady at MUSC admissions, and she said letters for acceptance/rejection hopefully will mail out Friday.
  10. by   furmangal
    I haven't officially received my acceptance or anything, but I got an e-mail today from MUSC housing about upcoming Roommate Finder parties. Did everyone else receive this too? I hope this is a good sign!!
  11. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello, I didn't receive an email about housing, but I spoke with someone yesterday, and she said decisions were made. She stated that letters will go out today, or Monday. Good luck!
  12. by   ag7575
    Did she say emails would be sent out? or only letters in the mail?
  13. by   babygyrl9706
    Hello, from my understanding she said applicants will be notified by mail. I was hoping I received it today, since I' m local, but still nothing. I'm just ready to know if I've been accepted, or rejected so it'll be one less school I can stop worrying about. Good luck!