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  1. Hello. I am interested in working at Regional Medical Center in Orangeburg, SC. If anyone works there or know anyone that works there, can you share some information about the hospital? Up to date facility, reputation of the hospital, how do employees feel about the facility, nurse turn-over rate, etc. Also can someone share on the lifestyle/living in Orangeburg, Columbia, Charleston area? I'm very interested in the facility. I tried citysearch and all other types of online information to try and get information about the hospital and city, but not very much available. Thanks so much for any information at all.
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  3. by   makingithappenin2011
    I have lived in Orangeburg all of my life. I believe that TRMC is a good hospital. I know many people that work there and they are really good hardworking people. All of my children were born there and we have had good experiences whenever we have been there. Everyone will not have the same opinion. I think it is a good place to work. If you care to, you can PM me if you want to know more about Orangeburg.
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    TRMC is right at I-26 and the tech school is just next to that. Actually I was born in Orangeburg along with many dinosaurs and other ancient creatures. I loved it there. However lately there has been more crime than is seemly. I believe I would go for either the far suburbs or one of the smaller towns surrounding Orangeburg.
    One thing about the hospital I have heard is that the units are quite large-like 44 or 48 beds. Perhaps they have modified that since last I was there. It's a pretty hospital with nice people working there.
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    Thanks you two so much for the information. It really helps!! Of the people I've talked to I've yet to hear anything negative about the hospital and that speaks volumes. Thanks again.
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    Hello makingithappenin2011. I am wanting to PM you, but don't know how to. Can you help me out again and tell me how to PM you. Thx.
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    I don't have email permissions but go to google mail and email me tonyajdavisrivers.