Moving to GreenVille S.C

  1. Can anyone tell me what is the going payrate for LPNS in Greenville. Right now Im working in LTC and HOmecare. I was wondering if greenville has a need for homecare? Also is there any parttime lpn to rn programs in the area. Please reply thanks
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  3. by   Miss Ludie
    Try I would imagine it would depend on experience as well as where you would work, hospital, nursing home, doctor's office.
  4. by   SteveNNP
    Greenville and Spartanburg Tech do have PT LPN--> ADN programs as far as I know. Try checking out VistaCare and Interim Healthcare, two of the biggest homecare agencies in the area. I did my clinicals while in school with them. They seemed to pay well and treat their people well.

  5. by   AbsoluteRN
    Interim does pay pretty well for homecare and per diem... Im at Woodruff Manor, it is an LTC for Alzheimer's Residents... this is the first LTC home I have worked at and I Love it. Most of our pts are "walkie-talkies" we only have 9 pressure ulcers out of 88 pts right now... I used to think Id never work LTC, but this place blew me away... friendly IDT, small town atmosphere, its awesome. I'm a MDS and Careplan Coordinator... we are always in need of LPNs... even if you'd like to do prn while youre in school. Im not certain on the rates, but if you're interested I can find out.