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  1. by   aminah2468
    Hey I'm currently a high school senior with a few months to graduate. I just made the decision to choose Midlands over USC for nursing. I've applied to Midlands already but now I have no clue where to go from here. Any suggestions.
  2. by   klj0315
    Quote from aminah2468
    Hey I'm currently a high school senior with a few months to graduate. I just made the decision to choose Midlands over USC for nursing. I've applied to Midlands already but now I have no clue where to go from here. Any suggestions.
    I'm still not sure what you are asking. Have you gotten a wait list start date? Have you met with an advisor? Do you know what pre-reqs you need to complete?
  3. by   Barbie1981
    @klj0315 All I can say is WOW and God Bless You for this wonderful information. I took 263/265 this Fall and it was too overwhelming for me (also had a 4 month old at the time.) I was not passing at midterm and made the decision to drop the course. It is refreshing to know that it is doable and I just have to learn how to study for those exams and what to study. Your post I will definitely be referring to VERY often. Thanks again
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  4. by   studentofmtc
    Spring Break and I am still making it through 265 and 263. Passing both. 265 with an 86 and 263 with a 90. It has been tough, but I am thankful for getting through this far. I made it through 265 clinical without a single ED. I have worked extremely hard and study every single day.
    I do some of the reading, learn the power points, and do NCLEX questions. The tests for 265 have been very difficult. I honeslty walk out of those tests not knowing if I passed or not. I understand why everyone has trouble with this class. I am hoping to make it through. Out of the eight in my clinical group, only two of us are passing. Clearly, it is a difficult class.
    I am enjoying the material and I feel like I have learned more this semester than in previous nursing courses. I hate peds and I am glad to be moving onto ob lecture. Not sure how peds/ob clinical will go, but feeling confident that it will be ok, since I made it through 265 clinical. Good luck everyone.
  5. by   Katie803
    Hey, we must be in the some of the same classes! PM me your name, I bet we know each other. OB and Peds isn't bad, I actually liked Mrs. Stokes (though sometime she can space out on you) Mrs. Ciuca is...stern, to say the least. Just do your pre-clinical stuff, and for god sakes don't forget ANYTHING about lochia!! The peds clinicals are fun, I loved my kid so much I still keep in touch with her mom. And OB was actually cool too, just remember the women aren't mad at you when they are yelling, they are mad at their significant others lol
  6. by   Barbie1981
    Studentofmtc it is so nice and refreshing to hear success stories. I too hope to share my successes in 265 this summer (God willing)! Thanks for the encouraging words I think if positive light is shed on 265 more often we would see better morale and higher students passing. Just my opinion. Summer will be my second try and I am going in more confident and more prepared and will conquer this (265) beast. Lol
  7. by   Stargirl2011
    Hi everyone I start my clinical's Jan 2013..and I still have three more classes(nur 163, pharmacology 131 and 105). Has anyone taking pharmacology and passed it willing to tutor me. Do you think I can finish these classes before January... Willing to meet in the library for some tutoring...
  8. by   studentofmtc
    So I find myself at the end of 265/263 semester. I did not do well on the last exam--I have no excuse. I studied as I did for the other three exams, but did not do well. I believe that I let my nerves get to me, because I KNEW that material. I need close to a 90 on the final to pass and honestly it is unlikely to happen. I am beyond upset, but I am studying like crazy anyway. There is still a chance (although it is slim). I feel like I have been through a war. I made it through all of the clinicals without a single ED and to have a single test (I did ok on the other tests) bring me down is difficult to deal with. ARGH. Well, until the final I am trying to not make any decisions about what to do afterward......I will know by April 9th when the grades are posted. My children and husband are at the end of their ropes. They would like the old me back--and so would I. Good luck to all of you MTC students out there. I will be praying for you.
  9. by   JacAn001
    I really hope you did well and that it is maybe just nervous making you think otherwise.

  10. by   pugfan
    studentofmtc -- I hope it works out that you pass! I take 265/263 in the fall and am petrified. We all started hearing the horror stories of third semester while taking prerequisite classes. They really need to get 265 straightened out. There are too many people that fail and it just should not be that the majority fails a certain class over and over. I will be praying for you too! Hope to see a post from you after May 9th with good news. Hang in there!!
  11. by   klj0315
    @studentofmtc, breathe and try to focus. At the end of the day, none of the stress is worth your health. At this time all you can do is study. Do not think about the what ifs? or whys? or I can't believe I got to this point and had this issue. I have been there!! I hope you do well! But do not question your abilities and purpose no matter what happens. I remember my obstacle(s), and I laid around for a couple of weeks numb and emotional. At the end of the day, you have to brush yourself off and keep moving.
  12. by   studentofmtc
    Thank you everyone. And believe me when I say I am doing all I can to pull through. It is difficult, as I have never been in this position before. I take full responsibility because I failed test 4 and when you have so few grades that make up your final grade in the class, that is all it takes. I let my nerves get to me!!! I will let you all know how it goes. I am trying to just get through these next few days and to get 263 done. I can not wait until Monday to take 265 and be done with it. I am praying for all of the students and I appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Thank you so much for your responses----feeling like I am not so alone out here (although most of my class is in the same boat I am).
  13. by   baileyra
    Hey everyone! I found this site after searching for other mtc nursing students. I just got accepted into the evening/weekend program and start this fall! I can't believe I'm finally at this point but I'm also very nervous. Is anyone else starting in the fall this year? Anyone have any advice for the evening/weekend? I have no idea what to expect but I am very excited! Best of luck to everyone!