Midlands Tech Students who have been waitlisted

  1. Hi everyone! I have a question for any midland tech students who have been waitlisted. I'm on the last semester of my prerequisites. I spoke with my advisor who told me they are accepting students now for August 2013. HOWEVER, she said that more than likely I will be starting sooner - without the Merit. Of course she can't commit to that statement, but she says it "likely" it happens often. I was wondering if there are any students out there who were accepted into Midlands Tech Nursing Program WITHOUT using Merit who actually started before their original start date. I also have an option to go to MUSC, but it will be a difficult commute. I was willing to tuff it out for a little while, but now I'm having second thoughts. If your start date was moved up I would like to hear from you... and if so - by how much? Thanks!
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  4. by   Monik Sims
    I am starting clinicals in the Fall 2011 and I was not given the opportunity to move up to an earlier start date. I also know people who are starting Spring 2012 and they haven't been given an earlier start date either.
  5. by   kellygirl101
    I don't know why they keep saying "more than likely" the start date would move up then... I was just wondering. I'm weighing my options - two years is a long a wait for me, especially since I have no more pre-reqs to take.
  6. by   crownemarie
    I know of someone who completed the pre-nursing certificate and all non clinical nursing courses Nur 105/163 etc and their date was bumped up by a semester. Hope that helps!
  7. by   mariposabella
    They are very vague when it comes to sooner start dates. Bottom line is you might get bumped up a semester, but thats still a long time to wait. See if you can get in some where else sooner.
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    I am a MTC student as well. I am currently finishing my pre-nursing certificate. After completing this semester, I will only have 5 classes left to take that are non-clinicals. It's a little discouraging after going to meet with an adviser to realize that a 2 year nursing program will essentially take 4 years to complete. If I had the opportunity to go to MUSC, I believe I would. I have several issues with MTC ADN program. First, you have to wait to be "accepted" into it. That means time and money out of my pocket to sort of "fly in a holding pattern" until I get clearance to land (into the program). Not to mention, I am taking 4 classes this fall, and I will only have 11 credit hours. I need to be a full time student for my financial aid, but the way MTC has their program set up, it's virtually impossible to get 12 credit hours (which is full time) . Last semester, I had a 4.0 GPA...but because I didn't have 12 credit hours, I will only be recognized as a part time student who made the honor roll, basically. And this semester....I am 1 credit hour away from full time status, which puts me in the same boat. And lets not mention students who are awarded the LIFE Scholarship. To maintain your LIFE eligibility, you have to take 15 credit hours per semester...LIFE will only pay for Fall and Spring Semesters. IF I CAN'T GET 12 HOURS WITH 4 CLASSES, HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU GET 15 CREDIT HOURS???? MTC is a good school, but their system works against you. In all honesty, I don't know how they can get away with advertising an associate degree in nursing in 2 years. From what I understand, clinicals are 5 semesters...that's 2 years right there????? Not including the wait time and all the non clinical courses..... I am working toward merit myself, but even merit has it's loopholes. All in all, Tech has you jumping through hoops.....You are probably being told there is a possibility of getting bumped up b/c so many students get fed up with the process. When I spoke to the adviser, she used the phrase "ebb and flow of things"....which means several students drop out which in turn, bumps you up.

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  9. by   Stargirl2011
    I didn't do the merit list and I just got my letter today saying I can start my clinical's in January of 2013...My original date to start was August of 2013,but I guess my grades were good that's why I got put up two semesters...I wanted to give you hope in starting earlier than your original date..