Midlands Tech College Student thinking about transfering to Aiken Tech, good move?

  1. At the end of the fall semester I will have completed my Pre-Nursing Cert for Midlands Tech College (MTC). Due to the long waiting list I'm thinking about transfering to Aiken Tech. I have a great GPA 3.175, which will most likely increase once my grades are calculated from his semester. I have thought about applying for the Merit Program and will be eligible June 2012. If I am not accepted to start clinicals for January 2013 based on the Merit Program I will most likely have to wait until Spring 2014, which seems like forever away. Being a mother to two children, working 2 jobs and being a wife my time is very precious. I do the best I can and want to make the best decision for my family. Would it be wise for me to transfer to Aiken being that MTC is such a great nursing school? Would I still receive the same opportunities as a graduate from MTC? Does anyone know what the start date for clinicals is for Aiken Tech at the present time? Thank you all for your suggestions and words of wisdom. I'm deeply torn about this!
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  3. by   kellygirl101
    I think if you have the opportunity to apply to Aiken then you should. My neighbor graduated from there and she has nothing but good things to say about it. I myself am scheduled to start the ADN program at MTC for Fall of 2013... such a long way to go! I had the opportunity to go to MUSC but decided it was a little bit to far for me. So I've decided to apply at OCTech... it's only 30 mins away and they have an excellent pass rate. Even better than Midlands. However, the number of graduating students is a lot lower. Regardless, I'll be applying this December, after I finish studying to take the TEAS test. Good luck and hope everything works out!
  4. by   JacAn001
    I was in a similar situation to you. I took many of the Pre-Nursing courses at Midlands Tech (Airport) but could not wait until 2013-2014 for clinicals. I have heard that there is a shorter wait list or no wait list at Aiken.

    I switched to South University, started classes today actually, stuudying towards BS Nursing now instead of ADN accepted all my credits fro Midlands Tech.

    If you do go to Aiken I hope everything goes well for you.

  5. by   lelafin
    I would definitely try to apply for Merit at Tech! I did and my start date was supposed to be this January, and I've already finished two semesters of clinical as of the end of this semester! I was bumped up by an entire year when I got merit. I do know that every nurse manager and nurse that I've spoken with up to date has said the same thing: they prefer to hire Midland's Tech nurses over any other. Do what is best for you though because when it comes down to it, an RN is an RN. Maybe have a plan A, B and C. Which school would be best for you distance-wise?