LPN starting salaries in upstate SC

  1. Hi to all, I will be graduating in August for my LPN. I live in the Rock Hill area but would like to know if anyone knows what the starting hourly rates are for LPNs in the upstate of SC for a nursing home. I plan to work in a nursing home while I continue to get my RN. My daughters live in Greenwood area so I'm looking at areas close to there, Anderson, Greenwood, Laurens. Does anyone know? Thanks for all your help. MooMoo111
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  3. by   Caffeine_IV
    I live in the upstate area working at one of the lower paying nursing homes and those will start you with between $13-13.50/hr. The higher paying ones will do $15-16 as far as I've heard. And if you work nights you get a shift differential ($1.00-$1.50/hr extra) and an even slightly higher one for weekends ($2.00/hr extra gen.).

    Best of luck!