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  1. Hi there, I am currently in Louisville, Kentucky. My husband and I are moving to Greenville next summer. For the last year I have been working on my pre-reqs here in KY for nursing. I had planned on going to school in KY but like I said, my husband and I are going to be moving to Greenville next summer for his job with Michelin so I hope to get into an ADN program down there. I looked at Greenville Tech but had some issues with classes transferring over. SCC looks like the better option to me because I already have a lot of their pre-req classes finished. It's strange to me how some schools require some stuff and other's don't. From what I can tell I only need A&P I & II and Micro for SCC. Do you suggest me taking all of these first before applying for the program? Does anyone know what the general average is of points for people that get into to the program? I noticed on their score sheet something called AHS 102 & 104. Does anyone know what that is? Also, I have my CNA here in KY, would that count for Previous Education?

    I have called someone with advising and emailed Jayne Case (the Nurse Administrator) asking these questions and haven't heard anything back yet so I was hoping maybe you guys could help!

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  3. by   SoftGrayClouds
    Hi KYNurse

    As a recent graduate of the ADN Program, I am happy to share what I know based on my application and past experiences.

    Congrats on the move!

    I would suggest that you complete your prereqs before applying....and/or apply when you are in enrolled in your microclass. As far as I know, you need to complete AP2 before taking Micro, although some students have been able to enroll in AP2 AND Micro in the same semester with special permission from the Science Dept Head.

    SCC has fall and spring enrollment periods for the ADN program with no waiting list (BONUS!) or carry overs.

    I dont remember what the point average is for acceptance; I had an overall 42 points out of 46 or 49, whereas someone I knew in the program said that they had 30 or something. (But they also had 14 yrs of experience in a health profession too... go figure..) And btw, YES! your CNA counts as previous healthcare experience and will help you with an additional 6 points I think. (Again, its been a while since I last saw that sheet, but I do know it was an absolute help to have it.)

    You can do your research on AHS 102 and 104 through the school's online catalog via the website sccsc.edu.

    Good luck with the move, and the applications and all of that. Please, contact me if you have any additional questions.
  4. by   kcromer
    Hey, you may have gotten the info you need already. But here is what I know. My wife and I are working on pre-reqs currently at SCC.

    AHS 102 and 104 are Med terminology. Each will give you 1 point each for a C or better. There not required, my wife has taken AHS 102. Wasn't to bad, but she has a great memory.

    Your CNA will give you 4 extra points.

    You will have to take (A&P1 and 2) BIO210, 211, 225 (Micro)... separately, 210 prereq for 211 prereq for 225. My wife is ahead of me she is in 210 currently. Be ready, its a ton of info. The only advice I have been given over and over is do NOT take 225 in the summer.

    As far as the points, One of my good friends said he has seen the points drop low to fill the class. Like 25 or something. Most apply before there done with the pre-reqs, but after they have finished all but BIO 225. For some reason most take that class last. Once all the classes are done you get an additional 6 points or something. Good luck to you.

    Try talking to Melissa in the advising center. She is cool, very helpful