Lexington Med Cntr doesn't hire Excelsior new grads?

  1. I am one of the Georgia graduates of Excelsior affected by the new legislation ( Ga BON not licensing EC grads) and I began applying to neighboring states hospitals. I based my searches on the information I found in the various forums here for South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and of course my home Louisiana.

    I applied to Lexington Medical Center online for a new graduate position and received a response on today from the nurse recruiter stating that LMC doesn't hire new graduates from the Excelsior program.
    Does anyone know why? Or has anyone else experienced this?
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  3. by   KimmeeinSC
    I used to work for this facility and I am an Excelsior Graduate. I think at the time of my hire they were still accepting new graduates but since then have reviewed and changed their policy to not accept them. Not knowing what other background you may have I am not sure how else to help you. I also had EMS experience and I worked for an agency for 6 weeks prior to getting my position with this facility. Lexington has a great internship program I would email back and ask if that would be available as an option. They have two tracks - one is critical care.

    Good luck
  4. by   tj309
    Can anyone tell me if Lexington Medical Center is hiring LPNs?