Is there a Fairy-God Nurse (male/female) Available : )

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    My name is Belle, I'm a LPN/LVN, and I am graduating from the RN program on May 25, 2010. I am escaping California for paradise in Columbia SC on May 28th. I visited Columbia during my spring break (Mar. 26-Apr. 3)and secured employment as a LPN. My employer understands that I will take my NCLEX-RN exam in June, however I cannot work for the registry as a Registered Nurse until I have one year of experience. In the beautiful state of South Carolina, can you continue to work as a LPN once you're licensed as a RN? I would love to work at a hospital as a Registered Nurse (Critical Care, Med-Surg, or Tele), however I've noticed on Allnurses that alot of nurses are having a difficult time finding employment. I would stop working as a LPN, once I secured employment as a RN. I am ACLS, BLS, EKG, IV, and PALS certified. SC 's please show a new grad some love. Are there any new grad or preceptor programs currently hiring? I'm a California girl, but when I visited South Carolina, I fell in Love (People, Food, Scenery).:redpinkhe I have to get away from California, I realize the pay is lower in SC, but money can't buy you happiness (although it comes in handy when buying a good pair of shoes & purse).
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  3. by   P_RN
    Try Palmetto Health. They used to have an internship program for new RN grads.

    Try Sisters if Charity Priovidence Hospital.

    Lexington Medical Center is wonderful

    Health South Rehab is hiring I heard....right on the campus of Palmetto Health

    You can go 30 mi in most directions and find Orangeburg/Calhoun Medical Center, Newberry Hospital, Chester Hospital. So do a lot of looking. These are the ones I know of for sure to be reputable and good learning places.

    Or there are dozens of Nursing homes clustered around the hospitals where experience and hard work go hand in hand. And bring lots of Kleenex it's the biggest pollen season in decades.