Any Nurses working in Greenville out there?

  1. Any information you can post about working in Greenville would be great...where you work, salary, what you enjoy about working in greenville? I am just trying to figure out what it would be like to work as a nurse in Greenville (I am a new grad).
    Thanks guys...just any info you have.
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  3. by   NICU RN wannabe
    As a new pre-nursing student (start taking my pre req's in fall of 07) I would love to hear from anyone in the greenville area also. Melissa
  4. by   TigerGalLE
    I work at St. Francis. I am a new grad and I make $20.50 an hour. I work day shift on a med/surg floor. I like it. Good place to work IMO
  5. by   winwinsituation
    [color=#483d8b]i just came across this website two days ago!!!!! i'm a greenville, sc nursing student. i've lived in greenville for 3 years and i love the upstate. i'd be glad to give you any area information.
  6. by   SteveNNP

    I have worked at Spartanburg Regional (25 min from Gville) for the last 2 years in the NICU/PICU. I would recommend them highly. They really look after their employees, they're magnet (think: nurse-driven hospital leadership) and when you add in all the bonuses (relocation, sign on, gainsharing, shift auction) you make more than in Greenville. Welcome to the Upstate!

  7. by   Jen25sc
    Hi everyone,

    I am a pre-nursing student at USC Upstate in Spartanburg and I have 2 more semesters (Summer and Fall 07), then I start the nursing program. I am very excited about getting into the nursing classes!! If anyone needs any help with anything or questions... don't hesitate to ask.

  8. by   msdunk
    I am a recent grad from Greenville Tech. I work at Spartanburg Regional. I have worked there the past year as a PCA and recently started as a nurse. After doing many, many, many clinicals at Greenville Memorial, I would say that I made the right decision to work in Spartanburg. Good luck to all the nursing students. All of your hard work and dedication will be worth it in the end.