Any aiken tech nursing students please help

  1. i am currently a student in aiken tech and only need my micro class before i can apply for the nursing program.. i am taking my micro class and i believe i will make it out with an a..i will have 23 points once i am gpa is a 3.9..but i have heard horror stories about the nursing program there..i would like for anyone who is in the nursing program or was in it to please let me know what they think..i have heard a lot of the nurses have dropped out before they graduated..i would like to know if anyone can tell me what to expect..anyone that may have any notes that can email them to me..i will be starting in august..i have heard of another school which is better and understanding.. anyone that can help me out please email me at i am not able to message anyone on here so please email me or post a comment along with your email address on my thread..i just need some great advice from anyone who was in or is in the nursing program at aiken technical college in aiken,sc...thanks to everyone and hope everyone having a great easter...
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  3. by   klbinaug
    So did you get in? Are you going to accept?
  4. by   iluvmyson
    hey i did get in and i did accept it..did you already finish the nursing program there or are you just getting in as well..i pray that they have new teachers that care and are willing to help..
  5. by   klbinaug
    Congrats! I too had 23 points and was accepted. But I was also accepted to the program at Augusta Tech and it ends about 5 months quicker, is more affordable, and is closer to home for me, so I am going that route. I hope we both have nice teachers who would rather help than criticize!
  6. by   iluvmyson
    that is great..i hope you do great..what all did u have for augusta tech in order for them to have accepted you..i was thinking about augusta tech but i know that i am missing 3 classes, so that is why i did not apply there..but could you tell me your GPA if you do not mind and also did you have all the classes done that is on there list to do before you can apply..also how was the test you have to take before you can apply to the program..i took the TEAS and got 2 Bs..but do you think that the Augusta Tech test, is harder and what does it all cover in it..I know the TEAS was just reading and math..I wish I would have tried to do what i have to do to go to Augusta Tech since it is closer to me and also it would be quicker..that is so much better..I will try out Aiken Tech and hope everything goes good and if not then I will do what I have to do to go to Augusta Tech..Let me know how you do in the nursing program and how are the teachers and I will let u know about Aiken tech..dont lose touch and my email is
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    We had to have completed A&P I&II, Micro, English I&II, Humanities, College Algebra, Psych, Sociology, and Computers. But decisions were made based 70% on grades from A&P I&II, Micro, Psych, College Algebra, and English 1101 (I had As in all of these, but in algebra I made a C then retook for an A) and 30% on the PAX-RN. Even though we had to do all parts of the PAX (math, verbal, and science), I actually did better on the PAX (97th percentile overall) than the TEAS (88.9 and 97.5).
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    hey girl..i am just getting back online..i would need to do english II, sociology and computer class is what i am missing for augusta tech..i will try aiken tech and let you know how i do and you do the same..keep in touch..i got a question, how are you paying for all the books and supplies we need for the nursing program..i get financial aid but it is not going to pay for much and I already have been notified that I will need at least $3000 out of pocket by August..I wish I would have been known and I could have applied for scholarships..I will still try but I need to write a great essay for any chance are you good at writing a great will really help me out so much..i am so scared right now and stressed that I may be too late for the scholarships..I may have to try and get me a loan which i do not want to do but I do not have $3000 laying around either..Let me know what you think please..I am very sorry to bother you..This is what I have to write a great essay on..
    If you can help me out, please email me at
    On a separate page, write an essay describing your educational and career goals.
    The essay may be handwritten or typed. Content, accuracy of sentence structure, spelling and punctuation will be considered.

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    Augusta Tech is a good deal cheaper, and that is one reason I chose it. Our entire semester's tuition is only about $1,000.00 and my Pell grant will cover it.
  10. by   pearl77
    Quote from klbinaug
    Augusta Tech is a good deal cheaper, and that is one reason I chose it. Our entire semester's tuition is only about $1,000.00 and my Pell grant will cover it.


    how long did it take you to finish all the pre-requisites for the augusta tech program and how much do all these courses approx. cost? can they be taken online as well?

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