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  1. by   jells
    Hi, I am applying for the Spring 2013 entry and I would love to know how many points you all had that got in? Congrats to all who got in.
  2. by   sigshane
    I had 40 points, and my friend who also got in had 35; so I am guessing the range is pretty large.
    As for the drug testing, I just registered online and will just wait to hear from the or I might just call the school in the morning. Looking forward to meeting those of you who got in, in person; and good luck to those who did not make it.
    Oh yeah, my name is Romy Andrews by the way.
  3. by   pearl77
    Thank you Romy for letting me know. When is the orientation? I am just wondering, because I have a trip scheduled and wonder if it would have been right at that time. Also, how much time do you have to complete the medicals? Do they ask for many things to be done besides the drug test?

    Thanks again,
  4. by   goodeie2shoes
    Hello ladies!
    I just found this site and I am very excited to also find some future classmates on here! Yes, that means I was accepted for this fall!! (<--That happy dance was followed by lots of eeeeekkks and squeals!)

    I look forward to meeting those of you who were accepted during orientation! Oh, just in case you haven’t checked your email today, we received information about the optional orientation. I may or may not have met some of you during my time at ATC...My name is Jennifer Goode...if any of you have met me you probably will remember it I have beautiful rainbow colored hair...well, sometimes it’s rainbow, sometimes it’s green, sometimes blue, sometimes get the point! Which brings me to a question...does anyone know about the dress code for the nursing students? I know I probably will be wearing wigs or dying my hair a “normal” color but I was just curious...

    I noticed several of you wanted to know how many points those of us who got in had...I'm taking Micro right now, and I only took the TEAS once (I was planning on retaking them if I'd not gotten in) so I didn't have all 47 points possible...I had only 35, but I also have a 4.0. I was pleasantly surprised to be accepted because I'd heard (from my advisor) that I needed 40+ points to be considered. I was not even going to apply for the fall but my husband pointed out that the worst thing they could say was no and I’d just try again for the spring!! For those of you trying out for next semester, I just suggest aiming at anything above 35 with the highest GPA possible...most people I know that were below that did not get in...
    Pearl, we have to have all our immunizations up to date, have a background and drug test done (and pay $125 for them to be done-ouch!) and attend a mandatory orientation...that’s it—so far! Oh, and we did have to submit a form that either accepted or declined the position within the program...

    Toodles for now!
  5. by   pearl77
    jen, thank you for the info. congrats that you got into the program.
    i got one more question; when is the mandatory orientation?
  6. by   goodeie2shoes
    The mandatory one is Tuesday, July 24...I believe its from 8-3 or 8:30-3:30...not near my planner right now but I know that's the correct date...then there is an optional one in August...that one has 2 dates offered...August 7th 9-11 am or August 16th 12-2 pm...

    Just let me know if I can be of any more help!
  7. by   pearl77
    Jen, thanks a lot for letting me know!
  8. by   pearl77
    I wanted to send you a private message, but cant figure out how to do it. Can you see if you can send me one?
  9. by   goodeie2shoes
    Pearl, are you talking to me?
  10. by   pearl77
    Yes, sorry I forgot to put your name in the post.
  11. by   goodeie2shoes
    It won't allow me to send private messages either; it says we can't until we've posted 15 topics or something like can send me an email if that's easier...
  12. by   goodeie2shoes
    Hey pearl, did you send me a message as Ms. Diane? Just curious...
  13. by   pearl77
    Jen, Did you get my email?