Aiken Tech Students Apply for 2012 Fall Admissions - page 2

Are there any other Aiken Tech students getting ready to apply for the Fall 2012 addmissions?... Read More

  1. by   sigshane
    my friend was told 35 wasnt good enough, sure wish they would get their scoring in order
  2. by   cupcakeshan
    When was she told that? May 1st i was told 30 to apply for competitive application.
  3. by   cupcakeshan
    I know if thats true I definitely didnt make the cut
  4. by   sigshane
    she was told that in may when she turned in her application. How do you only get a 30 out of a 47 max? Did you have all your core courses finished? I dont mean to sound rude but it seems near impossible.
  5. by   cupcakeshan
    No bachelor's degree,not an lpn, and dont have 12ch at atc. Teas test was bad due to have low sleep (i have a new baby) and yes all my core classes are done. I have a 31 on the application sheet.
  6. by   sigshane
    that just does not seem right, did you happen to get all A's on your cores? I also dont have a bachelors, lpn, or atc credits
  7. by   we4reeders
    Still no word????
  8. by   sigshane
    Called again this morning and was told they would be sent out after July 4th.
  9. by   we4reeders
    Has anyone heard what the cut off is for the points?
  10. by   tmnorton88
    Quote from we4reeders
    Are there any other Aiken Tech students getting ready to apply for the Fall 2012 addmissions?
    My acceptance letter arrived today so be looking for them.
  11. by   sigshane
    Got mine today, yeah!!! Got in and so did my friend. So excited and nervous at the same time
  12. by   we4reeders
    I got mine today!!! Look forward to meeting all of you at orientation. I looked through my packet several times. I am a little confused about getting the drug test taken care of. Do I get one on my own. I didn't see that covered in the paper work
  13. by   pearl77
    Unfortunately, I did not get accepted. I will apply again for Spring 2013 admission. Could you let me know how many points you all had? I am pretty curious about that. Good luck to all to you who got accepted.