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Sounds like mine too!


Has 20 years experience.

Boy, does your husband's ex sound like my husband's ex! Why do people have to be so vindictive?

Let me tell you about this one.... even AFTER her and my husband's divorce... she hired an appraiser to come to MY home and get a value on OUR property! That didn't work because even the appraiser thought that it was rediculous... she got everything of any monetary value anyway.

Besides, I got the item that was worth the most... and I will love him and be by his side until death do us part. AND, I thank her for that...BUT...

She took us both to court and demanded that because my husband was disabled (semi accident 11 yrs ago), that I pay his child support! The judge laughed that one out of court because my husband gets disability and his two daughters get half of that, plus child support is taken directly out of what's left...

Now, just last night, she called and talked to my husband to inform him that he owes back taxes on her house (their old one, that she got) and he will pay them. Now, him and I have been together for quite some time now, and she has since re-married and refinanced the house, and been on with her life as we are, but because she is now in trouble with something else, who gets the blame and the threatening phone calls?:(

I can only pray and hope that someday this woman will take her life and get on with it elsewhere, away from us...

Again,I ask, why are people so vindictive? If you don't want to be with someone, let them go. Get on with your life and let them get on with theirs!!!


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