Soon to start lpn classes HELP QUESTIONS


Hello I'm completely new to the nursing field. I've never did any work in this field, but was considering taking lpn classes at Lincoln Tech to become a lpn. I guess my question is will this be possible?

Will it be extremely hard?

I really want to become an lpn but afraid of the lack of nursing experience!!

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You go to nursing school to learn to be a nurse.

You do not need nursing experience to attend nursing school.

You need to be a smart student (meaning efficient, organized, willing to learn, know how you learn, good time management and prioritize thin, know how to take notes & study not necessarily book smart)

You need to be willing to learn.

You need to be in reasonably good health & physical condition (there is a lot of standing, lifting, pushing, moving in nursing school)

You need to pass a BoN mandated background check.

Are you certain you want to go through a for profit school with mediocre NCLEX pass rates? Grants and federal loans may not cover all tuition and fees. Why not check out your county vocational or county college programs as the cost is less than half of what a private school charges, most have NCLEX pass rates >90%, and most accept federal financial aid. Do your research. Check the BoN website for board approvals and NCLEX pass rates. Look at a few schools to see which one will best meet your needs and learning style.


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You don't need the experience before you go. I will however, say that LPN programs are HARD. I see a lot of people saying how easy it is because it's only a year, but it is a very rigorous year, so be prepared to buckled down and really study.

After reading what JustBeachy wrote, I would definitely examine the school you chose, she brings very useful information to you. Nursing school is hard enough without dealing with a crappy school with low pass rates, as well as having to figure out a way to pay the financial overages.

Good luck.