Something of a school dilemma


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Right now I'm living in illinois, and have applied to a couple of the local CCs for their nursing program. As it stands, I've applied too late for fall 2010, but have petitioned to be considered for fall 2011. As it stands, I will be finished with all of the required prerequisites by the end of fall 2010 term.

Then it came into the picture that my grandfather is in the late stages of prostate cancer. Because of this, I am considering the possibility of moving out there(across the country) to help take care of him. (at the end of Oct, I will have completed my CNA course). However, I do still wish to pursue Nursing, and have begun researching the programs, but it would seem that they have a whole bunch of more hoops in that state to jump through to enroll at their community college alliance(Fingerprints, and the like). Now I don't really have the funds to fly out there and back to just submit my fingerprints, so that would have to be taken care of if I decide to make the jump.

Anyway, my question is, would I stand a better chance out there, do you think, despite being Out of State right now, considering there are about 8 CCs in driving distance from him, as opposed to the 2 where I am? The earliest I could make the transition would be after this upcoming Fall term, and I'm wondering if this would work out better for both of us, in the event that these schools by him take people in both the Fall and Spring terms.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.