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Something doesn't feel right

Correctional   (3,787 Views 17 Comments)
by RealityChek RealityChek (New Member) New Member

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Truegem has 22 years experience and works as a RN corrections.

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First of all, I'm shocked that they can just come clean an area because they want to. Second, I'm shocked that they are not accompanied by some kind of a guard.

Sounds like the way they run things at your facility is a little lax in security. However, it's still YOUR job and YOUR safety, so I would talk to a supervisor ASAP and tell them the situation and that you do not want to be alone in the area with these guys. Tell them your fears for what could potentially happen as well as what has happened. I don't care if they have minor offenses, they are inmates and I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

Where I work, we are not allowed ever to sit and chat or joke with an inmate.

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RN Randy works as a Professional Teen Wrangler and Boyfriend buster..

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Wow, I agree with a couple of the other posts; sounds like a possible trouble area.

You need to consider why IM's would be out of pocket in the first place. Your situation sounds like you have a few IM's that have found a nice quiet place to dig around for continuation of business; contraband storage, or whatever. One buffs your floor while the other handles biz or does the digging as he appears to "help". Pretty simple.

Don't let an IM commissary or hard contraband stash be found in the janitor closet due to complacency. Report immediately, get help to shake it down and simply keep to policy henceforth. Keep it simple, keep 'em moving, keep it safe.

To the other posters in the thread, I read a lot of "I'm shocked", or "Lax security" and "Where's the guard?".

In the Federal system, we are correctional workers first and nurses second.

We attend the correctional officer training program at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy, to include self defense and firearms qualification. We are required to recertify yearly, and have annual refresher training.

Everyone inside the fence is a correctional officer.

If they're too short on housing CO's, you can be pulled to work a housing unit or even ride perimeter patrol.

In my particular unit, we do our own counts, shakedowns, etc. Oh, and the nursing stuff... LOL. We train and use IM workers. They are either orderlies or care providers and do what a CNA would normally do. Feed, water, turn, clean/bathe, and maintain the area. When count times are called, you gotta collect them up, count them, count the inpatients, etc. They are all *your* responsibility. One gets out of pocket and it's your butt.

We all walk the halls and sidewalks together, nurses, secretaries and 1800 IM's.

You'll stand mainline and monitor chow, you'll work the employee entrance metal detector/x-ray during shift change, etc.

If I see IM's passing stamps or bulging a uniform, I had better stop them and pat them down, coz if something goes down, the IM will point at me and say "he let me in" or "he didn't say anything" and it will be my hide in the LT's office [or bleeding on the floor].

It can be quite crowded at times, but the average IM keeps to the wall and keeps moving. They don't want to buddy up with staff in public. [but in private, RealityChek... you need to think about why they're there and do what you know needs done, and please be sure to tell us what you or the CO's find.]

Our motto is Be Firm, Fair, and Consistent. Follow that and there will never be a problem.

No IM's allowed means exactly that. They KNOW that. Let a single one in, and your credibility has just been raped, your respect level has just hit the crapper, and you are an official target for them all.


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State and County are soooo different ... even at the max level. At county, we have no radios, no body alarms AND open pods. One officer, 80 inmates and the only thing that separates the nurse from the inmates is a med cart full of drugs ... lol

On my nightshift, we have 2 "trustees" that are free to roam the facility (they wax floors). So we are allowed to be alone in any room with them at anytime. So if that isn't freaky I don't know what is.

I say, if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck ... IT MUST BE A DUCK! Talk to your watch commander. Let him/her know your feeling. If anything, it let's the inmates and the officers know you are on your toes.

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Most of the time I work, I'm alone also. There is ALWAYS an officer around the working imates, ALWAYS. No matter how comfortable I feel around an i/m, there is an officer in sight AT ALL TIMES. Go to your super, cause our nursing "gut" feelings are usually on point.

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2003rn has 4 years experience and works as a Staff nurse.

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I work in a female correctional facility, there is never an inmate in our unit without an officer there. Our officers watch our cleaners in every exam room, etc. In my opinion, I wouldn't want the inmates there without an officer.

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