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I presently live in Hell. :angryfire Oops I mean Phoenix but who can tell when the temp is 110. I constantly dream about leaving this town! I will be starting my ADN program, either in Jan or next September (2005). I will eventually get a BSN, when an employer is paying for it. :chuckle I lived in Rochester when I was a child for a couple of years (1976-1978) and I have very fond memories of it. My husband likes the sound of Ithaca, from what he has heard about it. I just want out of the heat and really miss the snow. I pretty much want to live one of 4 places, NY, VT, NH or the UK. I like a semi-rural setting, if that makes sense. So if anyone could answer by questions I would appreciate it. My hubby's company is nationwide so there isn't a problem on that end.

What are the schools like there? I have three little ones and am picky about their schooling.

Does it snow on Christmas? I love a white Christmas. I love snow and lots of it.

Do you need a BSN? Are there alot of nursing jobs? Pay?

What about CNM's? What is the malpractice like for them?

What about school nurses? I know you need a BSN for it. What is the pay like? Are there many jobs?

What are the houses like? The prices? I will need a 5 bedroom with at least 2000 sq ft.

What are the summers like? Do the leaves change in the autumn, my 2nd favorite season after winter?

The crime rate?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to respond to my post.


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I grew up in the Finger Lakes area and have visited Ithaca many times.

I can answer only a few of questions though.

Ithaca is Gorges! (Not a misspelling, this is their motto-lots of waterfalls, gorges, deep ravines, rolling hills, etc.) It is located at the end of Cayuga Lake-one of the Finger Lakes.

There is lots of snow, not as much as you would get in your were more North because of the lake effect snow. It may not snow on Christmas but most of the times, there is snow on the ground.

Cornell University is located there as well as Ithaca College. Small town feeling with charm and sophistication.

Leaves change in the autumn and it is stunning!

If crime happens, it is big news because it is relatively rare-except for the normal stuff every small town has.

BSN is not required for nursing jobs.

Can't give you info. on housing but it is much, much lower than where I live now-Manhattan. I included links below that might help you with that info.

Here are a few links: (General Information) (Ithaca Journal) (Ithaca Times)

Good luck! It is a beautiful area!



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This morning applied for a position in Ithaca. I like the fact it is closer to Toronto and even though a smaller center offers alot due to the college. After my research this morning it seems like a small Austin. Lots of activities for everyone. Only $50.00 via Grey Hound to Toronto grabs me.

I would like more information on the cost of living and the amount RNs can be expected to make.

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