Someone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!


:crying2:I am having the worst time right now. I was attending Bowie State University and then left because they wouldnt take my science pre-reqs. Now, I dont know where to go to school. Should I go to College of Southern Maryland, Montgomery College, Trinity University, or somewhere else. I dont know. Im getting discouraged and I dont know what to do. Soemone please give me advice, please!!!!

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What was the reason for them not not accepting your science classes? Were your classes not the same as the school you were attending accepted (for example you took a bio with no lab but the Bowie wants a bio w/lab) or were your science classes too old..did you not get a high enough grade to use the sciences?

Without knowing why they won't accept your classes it would be difficult to give any advice. Most colleges/universites want the science classes to have minimum final grade and taken within a certain period of time (it can vary between schools, most around here (in Connecticut) want a C+ or better AND taken within 5 years of applying to the program.)


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I got accepted into Bowie Spring 2011, but I took my science classes at the local community college at the same time. They arent saying the science classes arent transferable but that because I didnt ask permission through the school to take these classes they wont accept them.