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I am a foreign nursing graduate, on H4 visa currently in New York.I applied for California BON thinking that it will be faster, I have already sent the request for transcript forms to my schools,so, hope those Documents will reach California BON within 2-3 weeks.But when I read this discussion forum I am advised that NY is faster than CA.because I may not get the original lisence soon, without the SSN. I have a friend who got the non work SSN after showing the letter form CA BON stating that she has passed the NCLEX and she needs SSN to get the Lisence.I heard that I can be interviewed for job in another state if I have the passing certificate of some state, even if I do not have the lisence of that state. Will I find some hospitals or employers who will sponser me visa ( once I get the letter from CA BON stating that I have passed the NCLEX) so that I can get the SSN on the basis of the work permit.

And I have alredy sent all the documents to CGFNS but not for Visa Screen, it was for CGFNS certification program,and I was determined ineligible because I did not meet the secondary school requirements since I have only 10 years of pre nursing education. I will be exempt from the rule in July,and am looking forward to take the exam in september. Do I still have to wait the same lenght of time for visa screen as others who are applying for visa screen only.I believe,since CGFNS has already verified my credentials, it would take less time.Am I right?I am very much confused and need your valuable suggestion, thank you very much.

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Have you completed the set of English exams that are required? It will take you on average about four months to get a Visa Screen Certificate, and that is from the time that you have completed both NCLEX and the English exams.

Sometimes you can get lucky, and have the Certificate in only about 4 to 6 weeks, but that is not common.

Most hospitals will not offer a position until you have at least passed Enlgish exams and have been accepted to even sit for the NCLEX exam............I would do things one step at a time.............California also has their own set of rules for what they will accept and what they won't.

Californai normally takes about six months for processing of a foreign grad application for licensure, so nothing is going to happen immediately...........

If you are in the US, and apply for a position and are accepted, it will be 60 to 90 days before you get permission that you may begin work....(EAD)...Be aware that if you are on the East Coast and are being petitioned thru Vermont, then you really need to have the Visa Screen Certificate in hand before you do anything..........

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