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I am a nurse but not in OB so wanted to ask the experts. Is it common for OB to change the due date in the last few weeks pregnancy? Daughter had been going to fetal maternal medicine for entire pregnancy until a week ago and has been told she is due Nov 19th and at her OB appt the other day (OB she has never seen before) was told her due date is the 26th. OB stated only US that counts was the 6 wk one as it is most accurate (daughter was getting an US twice a month through preg) and that all other US are off by 2 weeks. This OB insisted my daughter heavily consider epidural since it was first baby and started throwing out possibility of c-section, I asked about epidurals slowing labor and was told "not the way they do it" as they only do it at a certain point in labor. I told her I was under the impression that anesthesia called the shots and most times it was at their convenience or when they were on the unit to which she did agree that was partially right.

Daughter lost her mucous plug 1 week ago (I saw evidence of this) had some contractions but nothing that lasted or became regular. She saw OB (not the one above) the next day and was confirmed to be 2cm dilated but no mention of effacement. The OB above refused to do vag exam after moving my daughters due date back a week states baby has 2 more days to be at 37 wks and this would be risky for baby. She did do a speculum check and stated cervix was closed up and not 2cm anymore, explaining that the cervix opens and closes at the end of pregnancy.

I know the baby will come when it is good and ready and not before. However, my questions are is it common to discount all US except the first one? Is it usual for cervix to close after losing mucous plug and being at 2cm with manual exam? Can the speculum exam be as accurate in determining the cervix was closed (exam was super fast maybe 3 secs)? Finally any thoughts on the epidural (I know its a personal choice) and laboring times? Women have given birth for thousands of years it is not an unnatural act it seems like instilling fear in expectant moms is common. Thanks for any feedback, I know every pregnancy can be different.


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I know that pregnancy comes with lots of concerns and questions and I understand why you are seeking advice from OB nurses. However, according to the Terms of Service, we cannot give medical advice. I suggest you direct these questions toward your daughter's doctor. If your daughter isn't satisfied that her OB is providing good care and answering all her questions, make sure that she knows that it is not too late to choose another.

Best of luck and I wish your daughter a healthy and easy delivery!


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I don't know if this is medical advice if so I apologize and feel free to delete my post. When my sister had her baby(I have two sisters, one who had a baby two months early and one who carried to term). I am referring to my sister who carried to term. This was her first child(she has two children now) and she decided on having an epidural as soon as she could have one(she had horrible contractions). So they gave her one when she was about 4cm dilated. In her case(every case is different) it did NOT slow down the labor at all. She was 10cms dilated about 5 hours after her epidural and ready to push. So in her case it actually seemed to speed things along(obviously it was a coincidence).

With her second child she had an epidural as well and she came to the hospital in labor at around noon, had an epidural and the baby was born by dinner time. I know they save having the second child is faster than your first, but like I said she had an epidural and it didn't seem to slow anything down at all.

That's all I can say in regards to the epidural issue you guys seem to be having. I don't have answers to any other questions you have. Every woman is indeed different when it comes to labor speed and epidurals and other varying issues. I know it's every woman's choice to have an epidural, but if your daughter does indeed want one but is afraid it will slow down labor...remember it doesn't always happen and if she's in enough pain..tell her she doesn't have to be a hero.

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this is considered medical advice. we wish you and your daughter well

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