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Some Advice Please...

Monday is my first day off orientation after about an 8 week orientation. My preceptor was great and he keeps saying I'm doing fine, but I worked yesterday and it was horrible. He helped me a lot and I thought to myself, my last day of orientation I should be able to handle!! So much went on though, I had a direct admit first thing in the morning who needed to get ready for surgery, 2 of my patients had low H/H so they needed blood transfusions. I had 1 pt. with an epidural and 1 on a PCA pump who needs vitals done every hour! I could not keep up. My charting didn't get done until very, very late and I felt like a left a lot for the night shift and I'm really not one to do that! I don't know what I would have done without my preceptor who picked up the slack, and now I'm on my own! I wanted to cry but I was too exhausted. Can I have some advice on how to be successful in this job. I did really well in nursing school and thought I was going to be a great nurse but now, I feel like the care I'm giving is lacking, and that I'm missing things because the days are so crazy. I've never had this kind of stress before in my life! I want to be a nurse, but I want to be a good nurse and do a good job. How can I do that?:crying2:


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5 acutely ill patients? I don't think even your preceptor could have kept up any better than you did. You did very well for the pt load you were given, so stop beating yourself up and start looking at how much you really accomplished. You were probably given that horrible load because you had a second person who could assist. It wouldn't make sense to give you that type of pt mix when you are on your own-any nurse would complain over it.

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You did much better than you think! Some days will be crazy & you'll swear that all he** has broke loose! You will see that even some of the experienced nurses will get stressed. Your time management skills will get better as you get a routine for yourself. I, too, don't like to leave things undone...but some days will just be so crazy it's going to happen. You're one person & can only do so much. I make every effort to get as much done as I can & what I can't there's no choice but to pass it on. As for the crazy days, the critical stuff is my priority & I get to whatever else I can after that...if not, it has to wait. Nursing is 24/7 & there will be times that things will be left for you. Don't sweat it too much! Your co-workers know you're new & don't expect you to have it all down yet. Once you learn time management with a routine & gain some confidence the stress will be easier to handle. Hang in there & try not to be so hard on yourself...it does get better with time. :)

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