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Solutions for phone use in hospital for hard of hearing RN


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So I am wrapping up my orientation for my new job as a GYN nurse in a hospital. I am a BSN, RN. I have severe hearing loss in both ears and am bimodal (wear a hearing aid and cochlear implant). I am unable to hear on the phone. The biggest problem I am having right now is figuring out how I'm going to use the phone while at work. At home, I have a captioned phone which works fine; but there are technical issues in the hospital (firewall may prevent it from working) and HIPAA issues (there is a 3rd party present while using the captioned phone; the 3rd party is an actual person behind the scenes typing what the other person is saying so I can read the captions on the screen).

Thankfully, they seem to be willing to work with me on this and accommodate me as needed; but it is making me uneasy. I don't like feeling like I'm causing them trouble. Of course, HR is involved and now corporate is involved. I was wondering if anyone has a similar situation and has found a solution for calling physicians/pharmacist etc. in the hospital?? It may just be a matter of being creative and coming up with a solution but I really have no idea as of right now. I have heard of completely DEAF nurses working in the hospital with an interpreter at their side... So there must be SOMEthing that can work for me. I'd appreciate any feedback! Thanks :)

Have you tried binaural (noise cancelling) telephone headsets? If you are set up with the captioned phone, the hospital will ensure HIPAA is met by having the service provider sign a privacy agreement. The hospital will be familiar with privacy clauses especially if they are using telephone interpeter services for patients.


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Hey AFwife727... like you I am in this same predicament ...I am RN soon BSN... biannual hearing aids thinking about cochlear implants...the phone too is my major problem...I have captioncel phone at home but get what you are saying about hippaa can I pm you please?

AFwife727, BSN, RN

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HOH11225RN, sure you can PM me.