soluset and buretrol the same?

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soluset and buretrol the same thing????

thanks in advance

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Yes, both are chambers that hold 100-150 cc fluid. The fluid can be isolated to give meds, or if used on a ped patient or one you are concerned about fluid overload, you can add a specific amount of fluid. It is spiked between the bag of fluid and the administration set. It can be used with or without pump set tubing.


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The generic name for the device is "burette," it's a general term, and burettes come in many sizes and forms. In a chemistry lab you may have used a burette to do precise measurements of a fluid to do a titration. This name is rarely used among nurses, and many do not know the term at all. The ones we use in health care for IV set-ups are generally known by their trade names and I have seen a third name in addition to the ones mentioned above. The names I have seen are: Soluset (made by Abbott), Volutrol (by Travenol) and Buretrol (by Baxter). I found this definition for a burette on "a graduated glass tube, commonly having a stopcock at the bottom, used for accurately measuring or measuring out small quantities of liquid." A medical supply company has this description of one on their website: "The Soluset Solution Set comes complete with a 150mL calibrated burette, injection site on the burette with automatic shutoff valve, and a Y-Site 6" from the needle adapter end. 60 drops per mL drip chamber." Hope this helps and I hope you get this as this is a very old thread. Can you tell I enjoy technical subjects? Cheers! :-)


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just want to ask if soluset, buretrol and volutrol all the same?

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