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By our very nature, as Entrepreneurs, we view the world of business differently. I can only speak for myself, but when I am practicing my nursing, whether it be for a facility, an agency, or contracting via my business I think of my business as the best option in obtaining my income.

By definition, an Entrepreneur is a leader in the world of business in managing their affairs. This is what Merriam Webster has to say:

one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise

This mindset is VERY different then the hat of an employee. By our very nature, as Entrepreneurs, we want to network and organize others to think like ourselves; not just to make a profit but because networking is a human need to grow and learn within.

Brian Short, of, has been extremely generous in allowing us to have this Forum. I waited at least a year after membership to start up this Forum - Nursing Entrepreneurship. Why? Many reasons are selfish: I need the networking to bounce ideas off of etc. Know, that I truly love the art of Nursing; I firmly believe that when you Empower Nurses with an ability to make the most income before taxes via a business you Empower Nurses. When you Empower Nurses you Empower Health Care.

Within the safety net of AllNurses, we MUST oblige by their rules. The TOS is very clear, no soliciting, no advertising etc.

Please let us discuss the rules so we can keep this Forum and continue to grow.

Ask away!!!


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