Solheim review?


I'm starting to prep for CEN and I already bought the Bartley book of amazon.  It's decent, but much more of a review than actually building knowledge.  My goal for this attempt is to actually bring my ED nursing to the next level.

The solheim review looks like it has some really in depth videos.  Are they still primarily exam prep or are they knowledge expanding?

I passed mine in November 2022 on the first attempt. I heavily utilized the Solheim program. I attended an in person session and bought the virtual review as well as the practice exams. I also purchased the practice exams from BCEN and use the Pocket Prep app. Totaled I completed approximately 1500 practice questions and studied for 30 mins to an hour each day for 6-8 weeks. Let me also say, I have severe test anxiety so for most people this is probably overkill but I went in confident and did well on the exam. It also really improved some of my nursing practice and made me aware of things I wasn't as up to date on as an emergency nurse.