SO frustrated with the state and my license transfer.

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I was a nurse in Canada for over 10 years. From NY originally, but did my schooling in Canada for my LPN and moved back to the states last year. It's been over a year since I applied for my license transfer. In Canada, the tests were the CPRNE, not NCLEX. I was finally told that ny doesn't recognize my exam. (We literally just didn't have an NCLEX when I took the exam, unlike the state which has a pn exam). I haven't worked in over a year due to childcare issues and waiting on the license. It's going to hurt a bit financially to do the exam. Is there any other way around this? I don't mean in the sense of cheating, but I have so many friends who have moved from Canada to the states and none had to retake an exam. NY seems to be difficult. Just feeling very defeated. 

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Have you followed NY BON application info for Foreign graduates?


If your education was obtained in another country, do not use Form 2. You may arrange for the NYSED to receive your foreign credentials, either directly from the institution issuing the credential using Form 2F or from the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS), who will verify the authenticity of your foreign nursing education credentials using CGFNS's Credential Verification Service for New York State. If you are also licensed as a nurse in another country, you may also request that CGFNS verify your foreign nursing license or have that country submit a license verification directly to us using Form 3F. If you use CGFNS, you must contact CGFNS directly to sign-up and pay for CGFNS' Credential Verification Service for New York State. For more information, visit CGFNS' Website: After you sign-up and pay for CGFNS's service, CGFNS will send a report regarding your foreign education credentials directly to NYSED. While it is not mandatory for an applicant to utilize the services of CGFNS, the department recognizes that it is often very difficult, if not impossible, and time consuming for an applicant to effectively complete the application process independently and encourage applicants to consider utilizing that service.

NY BON is scrupulous in checking education credentialing after fraudulent Florida nursing schools pay-for-diploma scandal last year.  If you've followed above application rules, and US citizen then contact your state legislator for assistance in nursing application red tape.



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