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So. Cal transferrable LVN program


Looking for input on a So Cal (IE, OC preferably) LVN program that has transferrable classes. I need to go part time due to a family and work, but it seems like no private schools are transferrable. And the Jr Colleges here are just ridiculous to get into. And of course no one will give me any info via email or the phone, they all want me to come in.

HouTx, BSN, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Critical Care, Education. Has 35 years experience.

There are two types of LVN programs.... clock hour & college hour. They both contain all the required curriculum, but college hour programs are divided into typical college classes; pre-requisites and clinical. The pre-requisites will be transferable but clinical classes are not. College hour programs are offered by community colleges.

Clock hour programs may be subdivided into courses (Fundamentals, Adult health, etc.) but there is usually no pre-requisite requirement because that content is incorporated into the all-inclusive courses. For instance, nutrition & pharmacology would be covered in each section rather than taught as separate courses. This is the model for just about all commercial (for profit) schools. None of the classes are transferable in terms of college credit, however, you might be able to CLEP a course or two based on the knowledge you acquired in your LVN program.

If 'transferable' is what you're looking for, your only choice is a college setting because they already have the appropriate accreditation that makes this possible. It would be way too expensive and resource-intensive for a commercial (private, vocational) school to seek regional accreditation - just would make any sense from a business standpoint.