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I'm so irritated with my Lifespan class. I should have known better than to take an online class.. but I'm taking A&P 1, Stats, and Nutrition in person this semester and thought taking Lifespan online would be the best route.

This isn't my first online class.. I've taken 8 or 9 and so far, out of all of them, I've only really got anything out of 2 of them. I simply do better when I can see and hear lectures and am responsible for showing up for class. Online classes make it easy for my horrible procrastination instincts to kick in. (The 2 classes I really learned from and liked had weekly required message board interaction and structured, weekly assignments. The rest are kind of- read chapters-take a bunch of quizzes by such and such date- and a couple major exams- absolutely no instruction)

Anyway- This class is basically the same as the other useless online classes I've taken. We have 2 major exams and a bunch of quizzes that half of them were due today and the next half done the last week of the semester (25 chapters total- 1 quiz for each). The instructor gave us a note last week saying he was going to post a writing assignment, the due date, and expectations of the paper by today. (Didn't happen).. I am annoyed that I know NOTHING about this assignment as of now and have no idea how much time he is going to give us to do it. Almost all my classes, in person or online, outline papers in the first day handout. not him apparently.

What has really just annoyed the heck out of me is one of the two major exams had to be taken by this morning. It was over 10 chapters.. I took it last night and scored a disappointing 79 (with the quizzes I'm still making a B in the class) Well this afternoon, when the writing assignment should have been posted and the exam closed, he posts a note saying, "We have decided to extend the testing deadline until Tuesday. Have a great weekend!"

WHAT? I could have had the entire weekend to better prepare for the exam, but instead I did what was expected and took the test on time. Other students have been given an advantage I didn't have (weekend to study)

I know I'm whining, and only I am responsible for my grades. It just irritates the heck out of me.

No,thats annoying..u have a right to *****

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