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I graduated 3 years ago, but I have not taken the NCLEX-RN yet because I was taking care of my dying father. He is gone now. I am exhausted but life must go on.

I just pressed the play button again where I paused my personal life for my dad when he got sick.

Just a week ago, I applied to SNAP program (Graduate Nurse Intern and Undergrad Nurse Assistant) at Lenox Hill Hospital in NY City. I have no idea what to expect if they call me to come for an interview but I am motivated to provide a compassionate care for patients and pass the board.

I haven't work in a hospital before nor have any other medical training, so being away for so long since I graduated is making me feel nervous and don't know how exactly to prepare for the possible interview.

Anybody here, please share your experiences, knowledge, ideas on what to expect during the interview, and any suggestion how to prepare and handle the interview well.

I Sincerely thank you all

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You can 'google' interview questions - that would be a good starting place. Review nursing content to make sure you know the basics of nsg care.

Hi, TLCnurse2be.

I was just wondering if you have already been called for an interview?

I applied for this year SNAP program and still waiting to hear from them.

But in any case, wish you best of luck! :-)

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