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SMU SRNA hopeful

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by TraumaDrama21 TraumaDrama21 (New) New Nurse

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Hello all!

I am hoping to apply to Samuel Merritt by 2021. I’ve read many of the threads that have been posted here over the years, and  wanted to acquire some additional insight from all of my knowledgeable colleagues about my odds of getting in, and some specific advice regarding my BSN.

I have my bachelors in Kinesiology ( I was planning on applying to PT school). I decided against PT school and got into a local JC nursing program the first time I applied. Long story short, I got my ADN and have been working at the same job since starting as a new grad. 

I work in a very busy, mixed ICU. We are the regional trauma center (level II) and cath lab center. I was recently trained in open hearts/Impella/balloon pumps 1.5 years ago along with getting my CCRN, TNCC and hoping to get my CSC soon. 

I received a 4.0 in nursing school and was at the top of my class. While getting my bachelors I obtained a 3.7, which had many additional science classes (biomechanics, exercise physiology, physics). The only downside to my undergrad grades was that I received quite a few B’s. I played collegiate basketball and often times found it difficult to manage my time between 2 practices a day, classes, traveling to away games, etc. I  believe I can be a much more successful student at this point in my life, and can manage my time accordingly. 

I took an additional physics class this past fall and received an A while working full time. I’m also taking a general chemistry course right now while working as well. I am planning on taking the GRE in early 2021.

Lastly, my BSN. Do they frown up online BSN courses? I really don’t want to be spending loads of cash in order to obtain an additional bachelors degree. If SMU will not accept an online BSN, then of course I’ll look into other options..  but just thought I would ask if anyone has some insight! 

thanks everyone!  

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The program director is very responsive and should be able to answer this question if you email him.

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