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This is based on the article by Cohen P. Cool reception for drug to limit smoking damage New Scientist Oct 4, 2003 p 11 unfortunately there is no link as they have not put this article up on the website but the gist of the article revolves around this:-

There have been two new drugs developed that could be of benefit to smokers. The first known at present as Gm6001 on clinical trials in mice reduced the lung damage caused by cigarette smoke by 96% over six months.

The second drug Oltipraz has the potential to protect smokers against cancer.

Good news you would think but the article goes on to point out that these developments have attracted criticism as it " ....would discourage smokers from quitting by giving them a false sense of security" Cohen P.

The Editorial from this issue also discusses the lack of enthusiastic response these drugs have received because of the fear that they will generate a complacency about the serious side effects of smoking especially the problems associated with vascular disease.

I'm really glad they weren't around when I finally was able to

quit!! I'm sure I would take advantage of it!! :D


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Even if there was a wonder drug to mitigate smoking health risks, I probably would have quit anyway. I hated being addicted to cigarettes- they drained my pocketbook, energy, and good looks. I am smoke free now for 17 months...what a miracle.


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