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Ok. Its my first week of clinicals and the site we go to is a acute rehab/long-term care hybrid.

Ok well I hope this doesn't sound too childish but I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to get over some of the disgusting smells?

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My CNA instructor told me if you smell funky stuff in the place you work, then the CNAs are not doing their jobs right. Maybe they are changing a lot of ostomy bags that day. If you are talking about getting rid of the smell on your clothes after work, take a shower, change into new scrubs the next day.

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no I am sorry, let me do you get over the smells of whiping someone, changing dirty diapers etc...

my first day of clinicals i was shadowing a CNA who was wiping someone after a BM and I could not take the smell. I gagged and had to keep walking out of the room to breathe...I asked the CNA and she said "you just get used to it"

but um what if you don't anyone got tips on how to survive foul-smelling odors?

There's not a lot you can do. When I was new, I bought some very strong cinnamon mints for dealing with colostomies. They helped only minimally. Some say a small amount of Vicks Vapor Rub helps (that strong eucalyptus and menthol smell) but I've never tried it as of yet. You really DO get used to dealing with the smells, but they are never pleasant for ANYONE.

Wear strong mint scented lip balm, or carry around a little container of Vicks Vaporub to dab under your nose. It helps a lot.

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You really do just have to get used to it. There's no other way. Take shallow breaths and don't look directly at the poop and the smell doesn't seem as strong. When the shallow breaths aren't um, giving you enough oxygen, just take a deep breath into your shoulder. Make sure you cover it too. Like if there's a poop sitting in the commode, shut the lid ASAP. Or get rid of the bedpan. It's common sense to do that but I've forgotten a couple times! Perfumes just seem to mix with the smell and make it grosser, plus they give me a major headache.

Eventually the smells don't bother you. Especially if you work in LTC and you deal with the same residents every day. As you get to know them, they don't gross you out anymore.

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oh wow guys thanks...i guess ill just learn lol

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