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SLP and nursing... can it be done?


Hello, okay so my dream University I applied to was for nursing. After really thinking about it, I decided that I wanted to do speech pathology instead but the school is not really my first choice. My mom advised me that I can do both and work as a nurse and paying loans while I'm in grad school for slp. On the other hand, my dad who is a nurse said that it is impossible and not practical. Help me! What should I do?


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Why don't you go to a local community college which does not cost a lot therefore you won't start out with any student loan payments.

While taking general education pre requisites, to be a RN or SLP, at a community college you can learn more about both careers and make your own decisions, not what your mother or father want.

You can take courses at adult schools to be a CNA, or MA, or PCT, and work part time in some nursing area while going to community college to get an idea what nursing is like. But working as a CNA can be brutal depending on the facility. Don't judge all nursing jobs from your CNA experience.

Thank you for response but is it possible to do both? Idk if it's unrealistic or not

verene, MSN

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I think it would potentially be quite difficult to do both, but I've never looked into the career path. Typically your first couple of years in college are focused on general education and program pre-reqs so you still have some time to figure out which path you would prefer or if doing both is feasible. As nursing can be done as an associates or bachelor's degree and SLP typically requires a master's it may be possible to get you RN training and use that to support yourself while working on the Master's for SLP. However, I'm not sure how one would then maintain both professions long-term, or how intense the Master's program is (would you want to be working as an RN while in grad school?).

I think this will take more research into the educational pathways and liscensure process for both professions to figure out if it is feasible to do and if that is a wise plan or not.

Yes, I was thinking about going to work as a nurse to support myself while in grad school. I just want to make sure that it is possible so of course I will have to look into it. I'm just afraid that both are too demanding that it can not be done to do both