Slighty Confused of My Son's Program

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Hi! I'm the mom not the student. My son graduated HS May '13 without a clue what he wanted do as a career. He went to community college PT for three years and worked full time. That 2nd year he decided to pursue acceptance into UTA's nursing program. He completed all prerequits, aced the whatever exam yall must take and got accepted. He started Jan 2018. I'm very proud. I believe he will earn his BS by Jan 2020 since he now is on campus at UTA and full time nursing student. So far, he loves the choice he made to go to nursing school and is LOVING his decision.

What I want confirmation of is what will his exact degree be upon finishing? He aced his first semester, but I cannot seem to get an exact answer from him as to what degree he will have upon completion. I do not understand the abbreviations.

Thanks In Advance for any clearer explanation regarding this!

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Thanks so much for clearing that up.

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