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I joined this site a while ago and have found it very helpful. Often times I just read through the postings and find answers to my questions.Today I am asking for advice on a pt with ES HIV. This pt has a skin condition that I have not seen like this before. Her skin is very dry, scaling and crusty all over her body. Her CG was told to just keep it moist. Anybody ever seen it before? I have seen it on pt`s as spots but not covering the entire body. Any ideas?

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cutaneous changes in end stage AIDS, is a very common, pervasive presentation.

can have multiple etiologies, but if it is gen'l xerosis w/o notable lesions, you can:

apply emollient creams/lotions bid

use soap very sparingly

avoid hot showers


antipruritic agents


depending on whether derm is r/t drug reactions, organ failure (liver, kidney), anemia, thyroid, many possible etiologies and w/o thorough workup, hard to give specific solutions.

you will see more s/s in relation to cd4 counts.

but generally, dry skin is an ongoing problem and above interventions can go a long way in controlling symptoms.



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Thanks for the reply. I know that in end stage aids skin problems can get much worse then they would in other pt`s.This was the worst I have ever seen.Thanks again.

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