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Interested in exchanging helpful hints for wound/decubitus/skin conditions for home/bedbound pts.

Specializes in med/surg.

Two absolute best references:

Nurses Clinical Guide: Wound Care, 2nd Ed.

Author - Cathy Thomas Hess, RN, BSN, CETN

Quick Reference Guide for Clinincians, #15

Pressure Ulcer Treatment

US Health Dept of Health & Human Services Public Health Service Agency for Health Care Policy & Research

Always keep your dressings simple, try them for at least a week to measure any change. Instead of expensive creams you can make your own skin protective creams by using items found in the local drugstore: A&D oint, bacitracin, & zinc oxide ointment; maalox also is good on the skin to protect it from acidic drainage. If you have a specific wound in mind - describe it. Also check out or

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