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Hi Everyone! Tomorrow I have a final skills check for my clinical simulation where I will have to demonstrate I know how to give meds including IM/SubQ injections as well as perform all of my physical assessments (skin, abdominal, respiratory, cardio/peripheral vascular) I have just found out the instructor that will be evaluating me when i do this (on a real person acting as a patient) and this instructor is known for being tough. I know all my information but get very nervous during skills checks. Any advice on how to keep the nerves down as well as anything you personally think is really important to remember? I have done well up until this point and with this being my final skills check I want to do well on this one too!


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Know your angles, and your sites! Also know how much you can give in each location (deltoid vs vastus lateralis, etc). We had dosage calc with ours too so had to correctly calculate the dosage, draw it up in the correct syringe for the amount, and location(needle), plus give it.

As for the assessment, know your locations for assessment too! ( know ppl who had no clue how to assess the lungs, heart sounds!)

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